How long could you stay faithful?

Naomi Devereux is the most devoted married woman in the world. Or so she thought until she is stranded on an island with the gray-eyed, masculine Guy Harrington. She loves her husband, her best friend since college, even when she gives up hope of ever seeing him again. What she’s left with are her survival instincts and her undeniable physical attraction to Guy, who provokes a sexual awakening she’s never experienced. 

Even the most faithful women have a breaking point.


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Naomi Deveraux and Guy Harrington end up stranded on an island after their plane to New York crashes into the ocean. Guy comes to Naomi’s rescue at every turn after their only salvation is an island in the middle of nowhere. Naomi was happily married, but her hope of ever going back home deteriorates with each passing day. As her hope fades, her attraction to Guy becomes stronger. Guy is the mix of a perfect man: strong, caring, and protective. He can be brash and arrogant at times, but it only hides the man he really is: a softy with a kind heart.

I loved the chemistry and bickering back and forth between the two characters! I found it to be amusing and entertaining. The love between Naomi and her husband paled in comparison to Naomi and Guy’s explosive chemistry. They fought and they made up, but their relationship thrived on the passion for one another.

This story was told in the first person in Naomi’s POV. I love stranded island books and this one doesn’t disappoint!
— L.E. Sanders - Amazon Reviewer
I love this book so much. I felt so attached to nay and guy I couldn’t put it down. I felt there feelings through the words. I highly recommend this to anyone that needs a book to take them to another place. A deserted island perhaps. And a side note I would be thrilled if there was a second book to see how everything worked out between the characters 😍😍
— Samantha Wilson - Amazon reviewer
This is an amazing book! I was so captivated by the storyline that I couldn’t put the book down, and ended up finishing it in a day. I formed attachments to the characters and was crying with them throughout the book. I highly recommend this book!! Also, I would not be against a sequel to this book happening!
— Annmarie Reddick - Amazon reviewer

Erin Lockwood did an excellent job with “Justified Temptation.” This was the first book I’ve read by this author.

Naomi and Guy couldn’t stand each other from the moment they first met on the plane then they have to survive with each other after the crash. There was so much intense passion and survival. From the beginning to the end, I could not put the book down! This was a quick and wonderful read for me and I highly recommend it.
— Paige McBroom - Amazon Reviewer

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