Oh How I Love My Book Club!


It's not just book club—bonds have formed, fun has been had.

There are a lot of groups and clubs in my neighborhood. But none I love more than book club. No matter the book that's being read that month, it's so consistant. I know exactly who to expect to see there. And the friendships I've formed are life long. 

We even formed a little sub-group get together and went out dancing one night. And we all know how much I love dancing!! #DWTS here I come. We've gone out for movie nights and random nights downtown that my husband didn't even know about at the time... but that's a long epic story that I'll share another time. 

I can count on these women to give me honest feedback. Even if they don't read my book the day it releases, and some of them do :), I still feel the support. I'm grateful for discussions and I'm grateful for the friendships that have formed. 

I'm here to say, I LOVE MY BOOK CLUB! I hope you love yours too. <3 

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Erin LockwoodComment