What is Psychological Fiction?

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Erin Lockwood

Erin Lockwood is a psychological fiction author for readers who carefully choose a few hidden gems per year and unknowingly seek an emotional connection with surprising plots and familiar characters.

She simultaneously offers original and relatable stories that stimulate the mind and captivates readers with both tragedy and insightful enlightenment, leaving them with “all the feels”.

Erin’s gripping, yet easy-to-process psychological twists touch on the socially relevant topics of sexual assault, mental health, stalking, race and other important issues.

After growing up in Castro Valley, California, Erin attended the University of Oregon, where she graduated in 2003 with a degree in journalism. From there she moved to Denver and found the love of her life and built the family of her dreams.

When she’s not gushing over how gorgeous her husbands eyes are, she’s watching Oregon football, daydreaming on Coronado beach or mentally choreographing her performances on Dancing with the Stars. Because after all, that’s her end game— to win that mirrorball trophy someday.

I had to ask my author self that tough question: what kind of books do I write?

All my stories are different and challenging in very different ways. How are they congruent when one book is written from a stalkers perspective and the next deals with the subtle signs of mental health in teenagers. How are they in the same genre? 

I write psychological fiction. That can be a broad range. I can promise you this: You'll never read the same story from me twice. They will all be as different as can be. Because I'm not just looking to challenge my readers and give them something they've never come across before, I'm challenging myself with my stories. 

I love to write. But most of all, I love to tell stories. 

My books aren't for people who want to read the same plots over and over again. My novels belong in the homes that might have Fault in Our Stars and/or The Girl on the Train. Two very different books that are impactful in different way.

So pick up an Erin Lockwood book. And then two days later after you've finished it :), pick up another one. Because I'm here to show you something new every time. 

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