The Never Ending Cycle...

When people ask me what book I'm currently working on, I tell them all about it. Leaving them shocked, because two weeks ago I was working on something different. Some of my friends ask, "Why do you do this to yourself?" Often, my novels keep me up at night, tossing and turning because there's something that's just not right. Until I spring up and realize what I've been agonizing over. But I can't just go back to sleep, I have to get up and write about my new epiphany. I lose sleep, I put pressure on myself to meet deadlines, and I've got some crazy high up there goals; #DWTS. And there's no break in between. All the while being a wife and a mother with a whole other set of responsibilities that I won't get into now. If you look at it one way, it's exhausting - I get it. But to me, it's a beautiful part of my cycle. 

Being a novelist is like doing laundry. Once you're done with one load, you start another. Sometimes I'll write something that circles around a heavy topic, then I might need an emotional break, but it only lasts a day. Just like that, I'm ready to dive into another hair pulling, draining commitment. 

I'm so excited to release my next published novel, Planning Penelope, July 11th! People ask what's going on, so I always tell them about Planning Penelope. I hope everyone reads it! It's so different and thought provoking, unlike anything I've written or read before. But really, I have a lot more than that going on. All Of The Rogers is in editing stages. And again, I'm so excited for this release (tentative Sept release). It's close to my heart and I think it's an important book for YA and parents to read - for enjoyment and there might be something to learn from it too. I have two deadlines at the end of this summer for novels I hope to publish before the end of this year. The one I'm working on now is really special! It's a friendship journey, titled Things You Can't Take, that deals with heavy issues. Again, love this one!

They're all equally important to me. 

I can't express how much I love what I do. There are some heavy loads in my cycle, but every item in it is important and worth it for the gratification it gives me. 

Okay, gotta run... time to start a new load.