With A Little Help From My Friend...

If you've read Angles - Part I, you might have seen the Thank You chapter in the back of the book:

I couldn’t have written this book with as much courage as I felt without Sara Frederick... Your love, support and encouragement gave me strength when I had moments of doubt.

I meant every word. Sara Frederick (an author under the name Sara Blanchard) is the author of and introduced me to Flex Mom. Side note: she is also my next door neighbor and very good friend. Flex Mom is a way of looking at life as a mother, human being, and contributor to this world. It's a way to balance responsibilities and feel validated as a stay at home mom... or working mom... or what I am, a stay at home working mom. 

Being at home with my kids for years made me stir crazy to do something! Contribute to the world in some grown up way while still putting my kids first and being the primary caregiver. My husband is incredible and juggles many responsibilities, but the role of making sure our kids lives function and move, is all mine. 

And by some miracle I discovered writing and the Flex Mom movement almost simultaneously. Sara showed me that I can do it! I can live out my dreams and be the mother my kids deserve. I need to take care of myself, and writing has a lot to do with it. It's my therapy, my grown up pastime, and now, my livelihood.    

So really, truly, I couldn't have finished my debut novel without Sara and her book. Now that I have, I'm on a roll and balanced. I'm producing more stories and finishing drafts. Hopefully I'll be able to publish three books this year. Angles - Part II is scheduled to be released August 1st. I couldn't do any of this if I didn't feel satisfied with myself as a mother, first and foremost. Writing is fun, It's the balancing act that deserves a round of applause. 

To learn more about Flex Mom visit www.flexmombook.com

Erin Lockwood