I DID IT! Planning Penelope

I did it! I hope it's a feeling I will have many times over. I've completed another manuscript that will turn into a published novel. I am so excited to share with everyone, Planning Penelope will be released sometime in 2017. 

Today I finished the full draft. It's something I have been slaving over for a month. I believe it's been exactly thirty days since I first started the first line of chapter one. Today I completed the final line. Some tweaks will be made between the two, but I am so happy that I was able to accomplish writing a book in one month. And not just any book, one that I love!

It's written from a stalker's perspective, and how he feels as he watches his obsession fall in love with another man. Categorized as romantic suspense. 

Cannot wait to share more!! Excerpts and cover reveal to come...

Erin Lockwood