You Know What Season It Is...

It's football season!


My ducks might not be having as great of a season as I'd like, but they're still finding a way to inspire me to write. It's all about forward progress. 

I was born an eternal optimist. I find the good or positive twist in just about everything. It's true, some days are better than others. But again, it's all about forward progress.

Every month, week or day, I set a goal for myself. Usually, I tell myself how many words I want to write a day to finish a manuscript. I don't always reach that daily goal and write as many words as I intend. Right now I'm working on Things You Can't Take. If I say I have thirty thousand more words left until I feel the novel is complete and I only get to write two thousand words that day - I call that forward progress. 

Just keep moving that needle and eventually you'll look back at the one hundred yards you've completed and realize you're in the end zone. It's all about forward progress. 

Go DUCKS... or whichever team you root for :) 

Erin LockwoodComment