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By the time I get back to dancing with Dean, I feel something, someone, watching me. The feeling I felt before my speech is stronger now. There’s something consuming my surroundings—an invisible, sweltering blanket over me. As soon as I have the chance, I look around and try to find the source of this feeling—the burning eyes I can’t see, yet, but I sense are focused on me.

I casually scan the room between dips and twirls.

My breath catches. There they are—the eyes I’ve been searching for. A man, a gorgeous man, in a perfectly tailored suit is staring at me. It’s no mistake. Now that I see him, I know his eyes are the source of this feeling I’ve been having.

There are worse people to have stare at you. He might be a little older, but he’s very attractive. He wears his dark brown hair slicked and styled up and back. It looks soft enough to run my fingers through and short enough to create a little edge to it. His blackish gray suit blends in with his olive, tan skin. Every part of him is dark and smoky, except his eyes. His turquoise-blue eyes are so bright; they’re like headlights shining at me. A lighthouse warning me not to come too close or my boat will crash.

I can’t figure out the expression on his face. His legs are stretched out in front with one leg crossed over the other, and his elbow is supporting his upper body as he leans on the left arm of his chair, a drink in his other hand. His body is relaxed everywhere, except his face, specifically his jaw and eyes. His stare is almost tangible, leaving his eyes with purpose and intensity and then covering my body with a soft mist when it reaches me.

Something deep in my belly suddenly feels heavy and uncomfortable.

Do I know him?

He seems familiar, but I can’t put my finger on ever meeting him or seeing him before.

“Okay, time for a break, but I’ll be back for more.” I slip away from Dean’s arms and head to the bar. 

- Chapter 2

Erin Lockwood