Jogging on the Beach Solves Everything

Coronado, CA

Coronado, CA

What inspires me? The ocean. Jogging. MERGE! 

In my eyes, there's nothing more beautiful than watching the waves crash into the shore in front of an endless view of water. It's serene and brings me peace. It inspires me because I want it to be something I get to see everyday. Living in Colorado most of the year makes that tough. Impossible even. I know it will take hard work and planning to make that dream come true... along with many others. Have I told you my ultimate dream is to win the mirrorball trophy on Dancing With The Stars? 

Jogging in itself doesn't inspire me but when I jog I become inspired. There is something about the way I breath when my body exerts itself in a continuous motion. As if the air fills my lungs and travels through my veins up into my head and clears out my brain. I am mindless and full of thought all at once. I describe some of this through Cara's character in Angles. 

When I go out for a run, I end up running home as fast as I can once I'm satisfied with my physical workout. I literally run through my house and jump into my office chair and start typing. As long as I can jog in the morning, I will have enough inspiration and ideas to write for hours, non-stop. That's why I rarely experience the author-dreaded writer's block. Even if I get to the middle of the day and I need a little pep in my creative step, I go for a walk - or if it's cool enough, an afternoon jog. 

I like to get as much of my writing done as possible over the summer because that's when I spend the most time at the beach and enjoy jogging outdoors. I'm like a kid in a candy store when two of my favorite things merge into one experience. This past summer we rented a condo on the Coronado beach for the month of August. Being with my family on the beach and having the opportunity to run along the waves... I've rarely been happier. The creative drive it brought me gave me what I needed to nearly finish the rough draft for Angles - Part II in a matter of weeks. I'll save the colder months for marketing and promoting my books. 

Find your place. Find where your inspiration lies... and don't hold back. When you see me running along the ocean, you know something great is about to happen. 

Erin Lockwood