Angles - Part I Synopsis and Review

Author Erin Lockwood’s novel ‘Angels: A love story’ introduces a close set of characters. This story is as old as life itself. When two people who are meant to be together – a fact that they both know, can’t still get together, what happens? Drama!

Light, playful and yet heart wrenching at times – this is a novel for all the true romantics.

Cara and Sam are destined for each other, we know it the first time we meet them, and everyone else seems to know it as well. But life constantly interrupts and prevents them from taking the next step.

It doesn’t help at all that Cara is in a codependent platonic relationship with Theo. Cara is forever the damsel in distress and Theo is the enabler who thrives on being needed all the time. When Sam enters the scene, it disrupts the equation between the two. But destiny is a funny thing, and by the time fate is done with these characters their lives will never be the same again.

This seems to be Erin Lockwood’s first venture into contemporary romance, and by all accounts this is a sensational debut! Caralee is a young woman who like countless others is struggling to stay afloat in a weak economy. She lives the independent life and is constantly juggling her work, relationship and friendships. She is also anxiety prone; possibly brought on by a traumatic event she witnessed, and she is in a borderline unhealthy relationship with a male friend with whom she faced the traumatic event. Needless to say, this leaves room for all sorts of narrative possibilities and the author has taken an interesting run with this.

This isn’t your typical modern romance novel, although in the beginning it might give off that seen before-heard kind of vibe. The more we read and the more we learn about Cara and Theo, you will realize that they are in many ways flawed characters and not some goody two-shoes kind. It is this initial phase that one has to get through patiently to enjoy the rest of the novel. But soon after, especially with the introduction of the character of Sam, everything changes. And it is fun to see our duo come out of their shell and even acknowledge, albeit reluctantly that what they are doing isn’t healthy.

The author has managed to regale the reader by placing many thought-provoking situations in her book. It is reflective in many ways; we need to think why we’ve become so defensive and scared in our life. Why does opening up our hearts scare us so much? Why do we run away from serious relationships? All her characters, be it even the uber suave Sam are essentially flawed characters and it is fun exploring their fears and insecurities.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the modern take on relationships and friendships and the interplay of diverse emotions. I’d recommend it, especially if you’re a contemporary romance fan.
— Motorwriter
Erin Lockwood