Official Reviews for Angles are In!

The whole story line is well thought out and the novel itself is a quick read. Finished the book in 3 days straight! The many situations Cara goes through make you happy, angry, sad, and thoughtful. This was a good first book and I hope the sequel comes out quickly.
— Grady Hall, an Amazon reviewer
A slow start I’ve to admit, but if you don’t give up, then you will be treated to a rather enjoyable story about 30-ish something men & women living their life in the big city. There were many scenes that stuck with me - the wedding scene, the first date and the night club scene were all top-class. It is a good YA book with both style and substance.
— Nick Wales
I think Cara is my new favorite heroine. My heart went out to her. It is a good book and I enjoyed the way the author pinned letters and emails into the story.
— Amy Gonzalez
I was really into the story. I understood the humor and felt sad at the right places. I wonder what the story will be like in the second book. Bring it on.
— reviewer John
This is a great story that shows characters going through some tough changes in life. It is very relatable and I liked the different perspective the author gives in the story.
— Kevin Peter of
Erin Lockwood